“We all get add…

“We all get addicted to something that takes away the pain.”

Of course this quotes comes from my Pinterest account. I mean I pin a lot of quotes but for some reason this one stuck out more from the other quotes. It makes me think about all of my own addictions and how I feel when I indulge in them. My most obvious addiction to those who know me is One Direction. To the eye it seems silly for a 19 year old girl to be obsessed with some band, but then I think about how happy I feel when spend time obsessing over them. When my mind becomes consumed with them I instantly become giddy, happy, carefree, etc. It’s like all this sadness I constantly feel no longer exist and I can take a break from reality. And if that’s what this addiction does to me then I will never be regretful of it.

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Pretending To Be…

When people see me, I am always the cute, blonde girl who is bubbly and happy. For the longest time people have seen me this way and have never questioned it. Well to be truthful, I’m not that person most of the time. Often I pretend to be someone I’m not, because it’s just easier for people to see me that way and never wonder if their is something deeper going on in my brain. On the inside I actually feel quite sad most of time and I have a cynical view of the world around me. I see how beautiful my life is and how much I have been blessed , but for some reason all I feel is sadness. I want feel as happy as I look, but it’s struggle, but I have no doubt that eventually I won’t have to pretend. But for now I will continue to pretend and be happy even if I not.

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Mommy Dearest

Her name is Regina Foradori and she is my mother. That is what she to everyone else, but she is not just my mom she is my best friend. Now I know that almost every girl is going to say this today just because it’s Mother’s Day, but I really am lucky enough to call her this everyday. She is loving, caring, understanding, and wonderful, and those are four of the thousands words she really is. She has greatly and significantly shaped the woman I am today and I know she is proud of me. I have a very honest relationship with her and I literally tell her everything, actually I tell her more than I tell anyone of my friends. She has taught me what being a mother, wife, friend, and good person truly means. I love her more than words can articulate and she will be my hero.

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“I put my heart…

“I put my heart and my soul into my work and have lost my mind in the process.” -Vincent Van Gogh

I came upon this quote not too long ago and I must say that it really struck me and the life I live. I am the kind of person that when I get into something I dive in head first instead of treading slowing. I have done this in everything from the sports I compete in to music I like to my fashion style. I have no regrets of the of the life I lead, but I do see how completely immersing your heart and soul into something can make a person go a little crazy. When I get so into my activities I forget of some of the things I need, like love, reality, and friendship. Without these I tend to think too much, become a lunatic, and, most of all, I forgot that I just human and that I need diversity in my life.

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Nothing to Say

I have not written a post in awhile, which quite bothers me. In this wonderful and beautiful world how can I not find something to write about. Maybe the problem is that I am waiting for something to happen to me for me to write about, but then I think I should be making things happen to write about. Maybe in the weeks or days I will do something that I feel is worth sharing with you all and affects me.

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Nature Me?

I have never ever considered myself a person of the outdoors. I’ve always preferred to do things inside. Actually I’ve told myself that I wasn’t meant for the outdoors because I’m so pale that I’m always get sunburnt in the sunlight and I don’t react well to cold weather either. But today I actually went to Indiana state park Turkey Run and remembered why nature really is such a beautiful place. I forgot how good it feels to have dirt and mud under your feet, to feel the rocks, moss, and trees, and just how good nature smells. I can’t believe how I had forgotten the awe and brilliance of the raw nature. So maybe I’m just an unborn nature baby. nature

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Just Zumba

Since I did gymnastics for two to four days a week for 15 years I never really had to worrying about doing other workouts. So now that I’m in college I’ve had to found new ways to stay in shape. I’ve never really been one to lift weights so that was a no and I struggle with running for long distances. I don’t mind going on an elliptical or bike but they’re boring. The best workout I have found for me is zumba. Zumba is a fitness program that involves dancing to different types of music. The best way I can describe it in simple terms is that it is just a huge dance party. This workout is perfect me because I love to dance and I’ve found that the more I get into the dance and music the better my workout is. It’s almost like I become a different person when I do zumba. In real life I’m a rather shy and modest person, but at zumba I can let the sexy side of me out and not care who sees.  If you want a workout that is fun and exciting, I strongly recommend zumba, because you’ll burn tons of calories and won’t even realize it.zumba

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